Chabad at Stanford
Wisdom Center
By: Blaise Pascal

"It is certain that in certain parts of the world we can see a peculiar people, separated from the other ... Read More

By: Yanki Tauber

In the six hundredth year in the life of Noah... all wellsprings of the great deep burst open, and the ... Read More

By: Leo Tolstoy

"The Jew is that sacred being who has brought down from heaven the everlasting fire, and has illumined ... Read More

By: Rabbi Berel Wein
Even the smallest hamlet in Judah was not safe from the oppression of the Hellenists. The altars to Zeus and ... Read More
By: Yanki Tauber

The conflict between Joseph and his brothers, particularly that between Joseph and Judah, runs like a seam ... Read More

By: Yanki Tauber

Man, by nature, is a selfish creature. Even in his relationships with others he tends to focus primarily ... Read More

By: Paul Johnson

All the great conceptual discoveries of the intellect seem obvious and inescapable once they have been ... Read More

By: Mark Twain

"The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded ... Read More

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