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Wisdom Center
By: M.D. Abraham Twerski

The philosopher Descartes tried to establish what it was that a person can know with absolute certainty. ... Read More

By: M.D. Abraham Twerski

Two simple statements in the Talmud contain an entire field of therapeutic wisdom that was developed some ... Read More

By: Rabbi Adin (Steinsaltz) Even-Yisrael

The physical world in which we live, the cosmos which we can observe objectively, is one part in a vast ... Read More

By: Rabbi Manis Friedman

Even the honest atheist will agree that a first cause, an original Bring must have preceded the universe. ... Read More

By: M.D. Abraham Twerski

I was in a grocery store when a woman walked down the aisle toward me carrying some empty boxes. She ... Read More

By: Yosef Y. Jacobson

Two Jewish mothers met for coffee. "Well, Mildred," asked one. "How are your son and daughter ... Read More

By: Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks

It was Freud's greatest Freudian slip, and for some reason his commentators, at least those I've read, ... Read More

By: Rabbi Tzvi Freeman
There have been many views expressed, ranging from enthusiastic embrace to unconditional condemnation. What ... Read More
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