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By: Rabbi Adin (Steinsaltz) Even-Yisrael
One can cast doubts on the philosophical validity of these questions, and there are surely areas in which ... Read More
By: Professor Velvl Greene
There is nothing mystical about this anymore. It isn't imaginary or hypothetical. The concept of molecules ... Read More
By: The Rebbe
After not having heard from you for a long time, I was pleased to receive regards from you through the young ... Read More
By: Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks

The proposed experiments on human cloning, announced by Italian embryologist Severino Antinoni, are ... Read More


A most commonly asked question is whether there are conflicts between Torah and science. Actually, there ... Read More

By: Lawrence Keleman

Until the early twentieth century, astronomers entertained three possible models of the ... Read More

By: Professor Velvl Greene

Before birth, a baby lives in its mother's womb surrounded by water. It doesn't breathe. Its lungs are ... Read More