Chabad at Stanford
Wisdom Center
By: Rabbi Eli Silberstein

Jewish mysticism is often perceived as ethereal abstract and beyond the ken of all but a select few. It is ... Read More

By: The Rebbe

Torah law stipulates that "a person cannot grant ownership over something that has not yet come into ... Read More

By: Rabbi Hayim HaLevi Dunin

The Jewish faith does not stop with "And G-d created the heavens and the earth." It starts there. It ... Read More

By: Yanki Tauber

If your brother grow poor, and his means fail, you shall support him [with a loan]... Do not take interest ... Read More

By: Yanki Tauber

By now everyone's heard the one about the guy who tells his buddy about the arrangement he and his wife ... Read More

By: Rabbi J. David Bleich

Judaism views the seeking of medical attention as a moral imperative. Moreover, man is obligated to ... Read More

By: Rabbi Adin (Steinsaltz) Even-Yisrael

The Scriptures, beginning with the Bible and including the many works of exegesis and commentary, such as ... Read More

By: Rabbi Shalom D. Lipskar

When Moses ascended to heaven, the angels protested to G-d: What is a human being doing amongst ... Read More

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