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The Values are all drawn from the wellsprings of the Torah. We present below one classical source for each.

The Welcoming of Every Jew
"When three strangers passed by, Avraham, who was being visited by God, asked Him to wait while he greeted them. From here we learn that welcoming visitors is more important than receiving the Divine Presence."
- Midrash Agada Breshit 18-3

Creating a Sense of Belonging
"As it says; 'You are children of the Lord your God' When you behave like children should, you are called children. When you do not, you lose the title 'children'. This is the view of Rabbi Yehuda. Rabbi Meir objected and said, 'In all circumstances you remain His children.'"
- Talmud Bavli Kiddushin 36 a

Jewish Learning
"The one who tends the fig tree will eat the fruit" (Proverbs 27-18 ).Why is Torah compared to a fig tree? Because the fruit of most trees, such as the olive, the vine and the date palm is gathered all at once, while the fruit of the fig tree is gathered little by little. So it is with Torah. One studies a little each day and eventually learns much, because the Torah cannot be learned in one or two years."
- Midrash Bamidbar Raba, Chapter 21

Spiritual Growth and Practice
"Like drops of rain on the grass" (Deuteronomy 2.2). Just as the rain falls and causes the plants to grow, some red in colour, some green, some dark and some light, so do the words of Torah cause people to grow. Some become wise, some become wholesome, some righteous, and some saintly."
- Midrash Sifrei, Dvarim, Chapter 206