Chabad at Stanford
Wisdom Center
Philosophy and Religion
  • Judaism, Justice and Tragedy - Confronting the problem of evil
  • The Wisdom of Solomon - Kohelet The book of Kohelet is one of the most complex and challenging in the entire Bible. Yet its eternal messages are relevant to our modern lives today.
  • Judaism and the philosophy behind the messianic idea
  • The Holocaust in Jewish Theology
  • The Chosen People: understanding the misunderstood. Why are we chosen; what were we chosen for; is being chosen racist or arrogant? Are we doing a good job as G-d's, chosen people?
  • Lessons from the holocaust
  • What does it mean to be a Jew? Are we different from other people?
  • The Gifts of the Jews: 5 revolutionary ideas Judaism introduced to the world.
  • What is the Jewish perspective on the Messiah?
  • Did G-d speak to us at Sinai? The rational proofs that demonstrate the authenticity of torah.
  • Isn't traditional Judaism dogmatic and passé?
  • Can you be good without G-d?
  • Where does Judaism differ from Christianity and Humanism?
  • If G-d is just, why do good people suffer?
  • The reason for anti-Semitism: Why the Jews?
  • The case for belief in G-d
  • Why don't Jews believe in Jesus?
  • Does Judaism believe in Heaven and Hell?