Chabad at Stanford
Wisdom Center
Jewish Ethics

This series of seminars, explores themes drawn from Judaism's rich 3,000-year legal and ethical tradition. This is a stimulating learning opportunity open for discussion, debate and analysis of Human Rights, the meaning of Justice, Legal and Judicial Ethics, International Relations and Public Interest Law. A textual study will be included.

  • Human Rights or Human Obligations? Jewish law's alternative vision on human rights
  • Cain and Abel: a Jewish Take of Human Nature, Good and Evil and Ultimate Responsibility
  • Judaism: It's Ethics, Beauty, Meaning and power
  • The Four Most Important Questions G-d Will Ask You
  • Capital Punishment in Jewish Law
  • Judaism and Medical Ethics
  • What are the implications of cloning human beings in the Jewish tradition?
  • Money and Markets: a Jewish Take on Business Ethics
  • Jewish Environmental Ethics
  • The Jewish Attitude towards people with special needs
  • Tikun Olam: The Jewish Responsibility to Perfect G-d's World
  • Words That Hurt and Words That Heal: Jewish Ethics of Speech