Chabad at Stanford
Wisdom Center
By: Rabbi Adin (Steinsaltz) Even-Yisrael

Throughout the world, people are discovering the need for a new kind of heroism. The world, which has seen ... Read More

By: Herman Wouk

Secular thinkers are far from helpless in the face of this odd fact, which is all they will grant it to ... Read More

By: Esther Jungreis

From time immemorial, perhaps our greatest failing has been our tendency to shirk personal responsibility. ... Read More

By: Rabbi Adin (Steinsaltz) Even-Yisrael

Speech given at the Miami Book Fair by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

The most distinct feature that makes a ... Read More

By: Joseph B. Soloveichik

I was seven or eight years old in a small town in White Russia, and like all Jewish boys, I attended the ... Read More

By: Susan Handelman

A Jew today," someone wrote, "is anyone who has Jewish grandchildren." The words sting -- perhaps more ... Read More

By: Rabbi Manis Friedman

An idea mentioned in the Talmud years ago concerned the sons at the Seder table, commonly known as the ... Read More

By: Saul Bellow

Before I left Chicago, the art critic Harold Rosenberg said to me, "Going to Jerusalem? And wondering ... Read More

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