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Shabbat Dinner Under the Stars
As more and more Stanfordites are exposed to the sensational serenity and spirituality that suffuses the Shabbat, Chabad House at Stanford continues to provide a multidimensional experience, with the perfect mix of food, drink, song and ideas.

Shabbat Dinner Under the Stars

Shabbat Dinner at the Park - 6 feet apart.... but close at heart!

BYOB - bring your own blanket. Plus a mask and a sweater.

Enjoy a pre-packaged shabbat meal under the starsĀ 

Limited Space, RSVP REQUIRED. To RSVP text "join" to (650) 677-1166. After you register text 'events'. All our current events will be displayed. To RSVP for a specific event, text the name of the event you want to join.

Date: Friday, September 11th, at 6:30pm

6:30 pm Services
6:45-7:30pm Pre-Packaged Dinner

Location: William C. Werry Park