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How Can I Rest on Shabbat?
By: Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Youre born into this world and your time is limited. While here, the major decision youll make is Whos in charge?

You can decide that the world is in charge. It sets the rules, and its big and scary. Youll try to get as much as you can out of it without getting burnt too badly. But unfortunately, youll have to work on Shabbat - thats one of the rules.

Or you can decide that youre in charge. Who knows, you may win. But theres going to be some stiff competition - a few billion people out there think the same thing.

The third alternative is to decide that the One Who Made This Place is in charge. Youre just here as His rep. He says, I left some of this world for you to fix up. Give it a try and do your best. Ill be there to help you.

Now, this Big and Awesome G-d youre working for isnt planning to make things easy. You can bet on it that Hell throw a few mighty challenges along your path. How else is He going to get you to put your all into it? But you can also rest assured that Hes on your side every step along the way. And Hes in charge. One hundred percent.