Chabad at Stanford
Wisdom Center
By: Michael Steinhardt

I firmly believe that a flourishing Jewish identity must be based not on victimization but on celebration. ... Read More

By: Uri Geller

You work too hard. Your mind needs a rest. I don't have to meet you to know this. I simply have to look at ... Read More

By: Yaffa Eliach

In Bergen Belsen, on the eve of Chanukah, a selection took place. Early in the morning, three German ... Read More

By: Rabbi Dov Greenberg

Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Weisel was once asked whether the world had learned anything from the Holocaust. ... Read More

By: Herman Wouk

The reader will perhaps remember...his first visit to the opera. The chances are that he went sometime in ... Read More

By: Matisyahu Miller

A new era requires a new voice, one that speaks the truth, speaks it from the heart, and has the magic to ... Read More

By: Rabbi Yona Metzger
When I arrived in Spain, I presented the King with the gift of a shofar. The shofar was long and curved, and ... Read More
By: Professor Alan Dershowitz

Cheshvan 25, 5766 - November 27, 2005

Looking out at 2,769 Chabad emissaries and lay leaders seated ... Read More

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